Mission Statement

Provide long range, stable funding for addiction recovery services, from detox centers to treatment programs; residential and out-patient, to counseling and job placement, to most importantly, affordable, stable drug free living options, in our rural communities.

Substance Abuse

A serious problem today

Our purpose is to provide affordable, stable living environments for those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. These living environments are not intended to be an institutional type of living, but a living environment that represents a “home” atmosphere.Substance abuse is a real problem in our world today. Where can one go after treatment or incarceration to live in a positive, affordable, drug free environment? Without a stable living environment it becomes even more difficult to find gainful employment. Very few individuals have the means to rent a home and pay monthly obligations and therefore end up homeless and right back into the same cycle they tried to leave. We believe by offering affordable, stable living environments the individual has a much higher chance at long term sobriety. Our goal is to provide affordable, drug free housing to assist the individuals with substance abuse disorders.

Are You Human


We do not believe in a free ride or handout. Individuals must be recovering from substance abuse issues and active in their recovery process, be willing to work hard, pay their own way and help others stay clean and sober.

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